Norway in a nutshell® - Fjord tour in Bergen, Bergen - Fjord Norway

The Norway in a nutshell® tour takes you through some of Norway's most beautiful fjord scenery. You will experience the scenic Bergen Railway, the breathtaking Flåm Railway, the Aurlandsfjord, the narrow and dramatic UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord and a bus trip through the beautiful scenery of Western Norway.

The trip is offered all year, takes around eleven hours and passes through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Fjord Norway. The trip comprises a fjord tour, the Bergen Railway and Flåm Railway and is Norway's most popular round trip.

Norway in a nutshell® starts from the railway station in Bergen with a trip on the beautiful Bergen Railway from Bergen to Voss. Bergen Railway is the highest altitude railway in Northern Europe, and around 100 kilometres of the line run through wild mountain terrain. The train station in Bergen only has a few platforms and the train is easy to find. At the railway station in Voss, you will find the bus, which is clearly marked 'Norway in a nutshell®'. The train is very accurate, but should a delay occur, the bus will wait for the train.


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The trip continues to Gudvangen. Once you have arrived in Gudvangen innermost in the Nærøyfjord, you embark on the boat that will take you to Flåm. The Nærøyfjord is one of the narrowest fjords in Europe, and the trip to Flåm takes around 2 hours. In 2005, the Nærøyfjord was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List together with the Geirangerfjord. The fjord is surrounded by tall mountains and is a beautiful sight in both summer and winter. The boat is easy to find in the small harbor area and the bus drops you off right by the harbor.

Flåm is a charming small village surrounded by steep mountainsides, cascading waterfalls and narrow valleys. It is lovely just to stroll around the village, or you can visit the Flåm Railway Museum.

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From Flåm, the trip continues on the Flåm Railway, one of the steepest normal gauge railways in the world. The platform is beside the quay and is easy to find. The 20-km-long train ride is a fantastic journey that offers panoramic views of some of the wildest and most magnificent mountain scenery Norway has to offer, including the famous Kjosfossen waterfall. The train ride lasts for roughly an hour. 
At Myrdal station, you change trains to Bergen Railway, which takes you back to Bergen. The Myrdal station only have a few tracks so the train is easy to find.
The tour is available all year round. There are no guides on the trip, but it is well marked and easy to find your way around. There is no food included, so it is advisable to bring something to eat. There is also time to buy food in Flåm or on the ferry from Gudvangen to Flåm.


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The trip is available as a day tour or as a tour with overnight stays en route. You can start the tour in Oslo, Bergen, Voss or Flam, no matter the season, in winter, spring, summer or fall. You can customize your own tour by adding hotels and activities of your choice along the way. Everything is handled in one easy booking operation.

Add some great activities such as the Stegastein viewpoint. Built in 2006, this smooth wooden shelf jutting out over the fjord can be easily reached from Flåm, and is offered as a morning walking tour. The Stegastein viewpoint is one of a series of breathtaking architectural projects built in scenic areas across Norway; from the rugged Trollstigen plateau; to the windswept Lofoten Islands.

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The tour is available all year and can be completed in a day. However, we recommend that you make overnight stops along the route to enjoy the beautiful scenery or participate in an exciting activity. There are loads of activities to choose from, such as kayaking, hiking, walking, fjord safaris or several more!

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Travel times for the complete journey:

Train Bergen-Myrdal: approx. 2 hours
Flåm Railway: approx. 1 hour
Fjord Cruise Flåm-Gudvangen: approx. 2 hours
Bus Gudvangen-Voss: approx. 1 hour
Train Voss-Bergen: approx. 1 hour
Train Oslo-Myrdal: approx. 5 hours
Train Voss-Oslo: approx. 5.5 hours
Train Bergen-Oslo: approx. 6.5 hours






If you are short of time and want to know more about the classic 'Norway in a Nutshell', read on to find your perfect ‘Nutshell’-rail journey fit: These are all long day tours, where an overnight stay can be added.



  • Sognefjord in a Nutshell®

Do you want to spend time on Norway’s longest fjord in all her glory, experiencing her breathtaking scenery throughout a 5-hour ferry-ride surrounded by mountains and hills, before arriving in Bergen- the beautiful historic town on Norway’s west-coast? Then 'Sognefjord in a Nutshell®' is the tour for you. The tour starts in either in Norway’s capital Oslo or in Bergen with a scenic train-ride towards Flåm, followed by an afternoon ferry-ride on, with it’s 200 kilometers, the 2nd longest fjord in the world: the Sognefjord. You’ll arrive in Bergen by the evening. We highly recommend doing this trip in summer where the light of the midnight-sun allows you to enjoy the views until you disembark in Bergen at 9 PM. 
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  • Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell®

Do the thoughts of Norwegian orchards, waterfalls and majestic mountains get you excited? Want to learn more about Norwegian nature, climate and ecology while you’re taking in the sights? Then the 'Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell®' is for you. Travel by rail from Bergen or Oslo to Voss, followed by bus to Ulvik, then a ferry- and bus-ride towards Bergen. This journey covers a lot of interesting ground: With its fertile soil and impressive vistas, experience the fruit-trees in the charming little town of Ulvik followed by a boat-ride to Norway’s biggest waterfall, the Voringfossen. Enjoy an educational visit to the interactive Hardangervidda Nature Centre. You’ll finish the trip with a boat-trip to Nordheimsund, a gorgeous little town on the edge of the fjord, before catching the bus back to Bergen.

Hardanger in a Nutshell





Make the most of your Nutshell railway-journey by adding a night or two along the way. We can help you plan with anything from booking accommodation in gorgeous historic hotels or family-friendly apartments, to organising activities like hiking, kayaking or fjord safaris. The contrast between busy cities and the quieter pace in the countryside adds variety to your Norwegian holiday.


Sampling all the fjord activities on days off, kayaking and hiking was tourist favourite. Traversing on foot along the river from Flåm into the valley, you will be surprised to find incredible waterfalls and stunning scenery. There is a lot of publicity around the Norwegian fjords, but Norway’s secret waterfalls are also some of the world’s most impressive.

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